Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

4D Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

The Asian nose commonly presents with platyrrhine issues: low radix, wide nostrils, broad tip and disproportionate nasal length to height ratio. The 4D Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (NSR) addresses these components to achieve a harmonious nasal profile, both from the front as well as the side views.

How does 4D NSR improve my nose?

The 4D NSR is able to raise the radix (nose bridge), narrow the nostrils, project the tip and achieve an aesthetically better length:height ratio. The beauty of this procedure is that it delivers dramatic and natural looking results. This means that there will be a very significant difference, but yet so natural that it will seem as if you have always had that nose!

What can I expect during 4D NSR?

The procedure begins with a detailed medical consultation, photographs and a discussion of what you would like to achieve as an end result. You will be shown photo albums of real patient before/after examples to help you decide on the nose that you want. You will then be given medication to prevent swelling, bruising and discomfort. Fat will be harvested from a chosen area (most people have enough to spare). This fat is then purified and introduced to reshape areas of the nose that need correction.

Comparison of 4D NSR vs Hiko Threads vs Fillers vs Surgical Rhinoplasty

4D NSR essentially is able to deliver the results of a surgical rhinoplasty but without the risks of general anaesthesia, incisions and permanent implant materials. There is also hence no risk of any visible scars occurring. There is also no risk of thread extrusion (as in the HIKO Threads procedure) or widening of the radix (as in nose fillers). There is also no risk of accidental blindness, a known complication of nose filler procedures.

Am I suitable for the procedure?

We will assess your suitability during the consultation and discuss the options for your nose enhancement. If surgery and anaesthesia are options you want to consider in order to achieve a “forever” result, our Facial Plastic Surgeon will be called to discuss surgical rhinoplasty with you. If what you want is a beautiful nose lasting 1-2 years without any risks of surgery, then the 4D NSR is definitely for you!

For more information about 4D Non-surgical Rhinoplasty, please enquire here.

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