The MiraDry system is a non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment that uses thermal energy that targets and eliminates the sweat and odour glands and hair follicle in your underarm. This is a permanent treatment as once the glands are destroyed they do not grow back.

MiraDry eliminates sweat glands thru controlled microwave energy  delivered precisely at the level of  your eccrine (sweat glands) in your underarms.  A special cooling system protects your overlying skin, whilst local anaesthetic makes this procedure pain free. Controlled elimination of your sweat glands is over in an hour, and the procedure is repeated 3 months later. Once your treatments are completed, your sweating stops- forever.



  • Dramatic reduction of underarm sweat – Once treatment is completed, you will notice an average sweat reduction of 80-90%- PERMANENTLY
  • Immediate and lasting results
  • Non-invasive
  • Toxin-free – miraDry does NOT use any harmful toxins, nor does it use radiation to treat your underarms
  • Minimal to no downtime – patient can resume rigorous exercise and activity in 3-5 days
  • Quick in-office procedure – Each treatment takes less than 60 minutes to perform


You should see a reduction in sweat immediately after treatment. However, as with any medical procedure, results will vary person to person. A minimum of two or more treatments are required for more satisfactory results. Results are lasting because the sweat glands do not come back or regenerate after they have been eliminated.


  • Common side effects
  • Swelling (Ice/ibuprofen to reduce swelling)
  • Soreness
  • Altered sensation in or around underarm
  • Little to no downtime


miraDry treatment is not suitable for you if you have or need the following:

  • Supplemental oxygen
  • Heart pacemakers and other electronic device implants
  • Known resistance to or history of intolerance of local anaesthesia including lidocaine and epinephrine

Use Caution before undergoing the miraDry treatment under the following conditions, the effects of which have not been studied:

  • Pregnancy
  • Underlying skin conditions
  • Previous axillary surgery


The following effects can occur during/after a miraDry treatment. In most cases, these side effected will gradually go away, in rare cases, it can last several months.

  • During Treatments:

    Due to the anaesthesia, you may experience bruising at the injection site. You may also experience shaking numbness or tingling in the arm, lasting less than 24 hours

  • Immediately After Treatment:

    Swelling redness, temporary altered sensation, tingling soreness, weakness, tight banding, pain, or bumps under the skin in treated area and or /upper arm. Discomfort tenderness or pain in the underarm is typically treatable with non-prescription medications such as ibuprofen. In rare cases, prescription Medications may be needed

  • Rare Side Effects:

    Hyperpigmentation (darkening of skin), burns, skin infections rashes and altered swelling in other area of the body may occur


Results may vary from person to person. You may decide that additional treatments are necessary to achieve your desirable outcome. Although highly unlikely, it is possible that you will not experience any noticeable result from the procedure.

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