Over the years, there has been a rising demand for a non-surgical option to treat eye bags, and it is now possible with advanced technology.

If you would like to remove mild eye bags and are not required to go under the knife, get Botox or fillers, Zoe Medical would recommend undergoing this procedure.

Having developed a state-of-the-art technique in addressing the 4-dimensions of eye bags concurrently for a longer-lasting result, the Non-Surgical 4D Eye Bag Removal treatment offers patients with severe eye bags a solution.

Our 4D Eye Bag Removal addresses four principal factors in the treating of eye bags:

           Bulging Fat

     Sunken Depression

           Loose Skin

       Thick Muscle

While fat creates the appearance of a bulge under the eye, it also causes a sunken depression underneath it. Loose skin, in turn, forms an undesirable appearance of wrinkles and droopy lower eyelid.

Using a combination of high intensity focused ultrasound guided energy and radiofrequency, the affected eye area is then treated with spend and precision while combating fat, resulting in a visible reduction of fat protrusion in less than 30 minutes. Upon completion, sunken depressions and wrinkles are then treated with fat grafting.

Perfectly safe for the squeamish, the procedure is performed without any cuts or incisions and paired with a short recovery time (2 – 3 days) as opposed to surgery which optimally takes about two to three weeks for one to recover. However, mild swelling will be evident without the occurrence of any long-term side effects.

As fat under the eye area cannot regenerate quickly upon reduction, excess fat is treated comprehensively, and one will only require to undergo the procedure once without regular maintenance.

Many patients have benefitted from the low-risk, low-downtime and highly-effective procedure which is a combination of modern technology and traditional surgical concept – a trademark of Zoe Medical’s aesthetic practice.


4D V-Lift

4D Non Surgical Rhinoplasty


Often requiring special attention, the upper eyelids, along with their shape and absence or presence of an eyelid crease can determine the visual appeal of not only your eyes but your entire face.As such, poorly shaped upper eyelids can give us the appearance of looking older, tired and sluggish.

Albeit widely known to be treated via plastic surgery, at Zoe Medical, we can offer and recommend patients who dread going under the knife with alternative non-surgical options, such as Threadlift, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) or Radio Frequency (RF).

Non- Surgical Eye Lift

A non-surgical eye lift may be a combination of non-surgical techniques to address problems such as poorly defined or absent double eyelids, loose skin, hooding of the outer eyelid skin, and a lack of arch in the eyebrows.

  • Absent or weak eyelid crease
  • Low upper eyelid crease
  • Asymmetric eyelid crease
  • Irregular upper eyelid crease
  • Lateral droop of upper eyelid crease
  • Patients who have had previous stitching or double eyelid surgery